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Suhaila’s Certification and Teaching Programs

In August 2012, Christy of Eighth Wonder Studios in Calgary interviewed me about my certification program, mentorship, stylization and more.  Many of her questions are ones that I’m asked regularly.  For those of you not familiar with my teaching and programs, I … Continue reading

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Today’s Word: Be Present

In her workshops and classes, Suhaila emphasizes “being present”. Pull your energy, skills and focus together into “now”, and apply that attention to the work you have in front of you at the moment. Whether you are learning, practicing, rehearsing … Continue reading

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Guest Editorial: Why Certify?

We recently came across Christy Greene’s blog post “Why Certify”, in which she provides her thoughts about belly dance certification, specifically Suhaila’s format.  She gave us permission to repost her editorial in our blog.  Please take a minute to sit … Continue reading

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Importance of Improvisation to Live Middle Eastern Music

In the mid 1970s, Jamila sponsored a student night once a month at the Casbah, a belly dance night club in San Francisco. The Casbah was open seven nights a week with live musicians and dancers every night of the … Continue reading

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Review: “Ghetto Ballet”, HBO Documentary

HBO recently aired a documentary, Ghetto Ballet. In Cape Town, South Africa, Philip Boyd founded Dance for All to train disadvantaged young people in the art of classical, modern and traditional dance. Every year, Dance for All holds an audition … Continue reading

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Advanced Certification Recital Show

On Sunday, February 20, we’ll feature the second Advanced Certification Recital Show, featuring Rachel George and Andrea Sendek as the testing dancers. This performance will be the final part of their Level 4 certification testing, and it will be an … Continue reading

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Level 4 Certification Performance and Show

We are so excited about the upcoming Level 4 Certification Performance scheduled for Sunday, February 20, 2011.  The evening will showcase the work of the two dancers testing for Suhaila Format Level 4 certification; both Andrea Sendek and Rachel George … Continue reading

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