Choreography Bonus for Current Online Class Subscribers: Raks Om El Dunia by Jamila Salimpour

As a special bonus for regular online class subscribers, we’ve added a new choreography, Raks Om El Dunia by Jamila Salimpour. Anyone with a monthly to yearly subscription to the format classes will have access to this choreography. Jamila wrote this choreography in 2010 as an evolution of her Raks El Zagat choreography. Raks Om El Dunia contains similar themes and movements, but explores them in more depth and variety. This is such a great piece to hone your Jamila format knowledge. Jamila teaches the choreography in a workshop in just over 2 hours using her format language for belly dance and finger cymbals.

Raks Om El Dunia was designed to fit to any music with a continuous beat or to be performed acapella. The finger cymbals and belly dance movements themselves create the melody, highlights and transitions in the music. The choreography is greatly adaptable and would be excellent for staging with a group.

To view an example of Jamila format choreography, please view the Suhaila Dance Company performing Raks El Zagat for the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival audition January 2011 and again at Rakkasah West 2011. You can also view a very (very) rare vide of Jamila performing in 1977 that we posted several weeks ago. Visit our website to learn more about the Jamila Salimpour Belly Dance format and the upcoming Jamila Salimpour Format Weeklong Workshop, June 6-10, 2011 in Albany, CA.

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3 Responses to Choreography Bonus for Current Online Class Subscribers: Raks Om El Dunia by Jamila Salimpour

  1. June Yeo says:

    thank you…. thank you ….thank you…. thank you …thank you… thank you!!!!!!!
    Been waiting impatiently for this!!!!
    thank you

  2. Lisa in Oregon says:

    Awesome! Will there be an opportunity to obtain the written choreography/notes?

    • Perhaps in the future. The notes on the mirrors in class didn’t connect with the choreography directly. Jamila improved the choreography between the notes and the master class. She’s writing her next choreography, so I’m guessing we receive formal notes from her.

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