Suhaila’s Dark Veil Choreography

In 2006, Suhaila debuted her hard rock fusion choreography, Dark Veil, at Rakkasah West . . . as an homage to 1980’s rock. Finding the right guitarist provided difficult, as Suhaila wanted to find just the right musician who had just the right 80’s rock guitar but with just the right modern twist. After many guitar auditions, she found a very talented, young guitarist: Steve Ornest.

You can view the choreography in a 2006 performance by the Suhaila Dance Company on the Suhaila Belly Dance YouTube Channel. From the same show, you can also view Suhaila’s improvisation to Steve’s live guitar solo.

The music is available as a single on CD and also as a download. You can learn the choreography through Suhaila Online Classes by purchasing a Dark Veil choreography subscription (available in 30 day increments); the subscription also includes a free download of the music.

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