Ghanima Workshop at Suhaila’s Studio, May 15, 2011

We are very pleased to present Ghanima at Suhaila’s Studio for a one-day workshop on Sunday, May 15. Ghanima has prepared some excellent material, and we hope you can join us for her informative workshop. Details are below, and please make note of the homework!

$75 — Link to register.

Turkish Stylization: 10am-noon
Ghanima will cover Turkish stylization, features of Turkish music, and how to dance to Turkish music. Depending on time, the workshop may include some video viewing for examples.

Emotional Procedures for Stage Preparation & “Hearing” Music: 1-4pm
First, Ghanima will cover the mental and emotional procedures that are useful before performance to help manage nervousness, etc. The techniques learned can be incorporated as part of the dancer’s “warm-up” routine backstage.
Second, Ghanima will give instruction about how to hear and connect to the music — what to listen for, how to identify the sounds of various instruments, and how to understand the structure of typical dance pieces. For homework, find any version of Ah Ya Zein and listen it to many times until you are well familiar with the song and the version you have chosen; bring the version with you to the workshop if feasible.

Ghanima Gaditana, M.A., has performed and taught Oriental Dance professionally since the 1970s. Formerly a student of Jamila Salimpour and Aida Al-Adawi and choreographing member of Bal-Anat, she is a specialist in ethnic/folkloric styles. She has made several trips overseas for purposes of dance and costume research, visiting Tunisia, Morocco, Jugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. In addition, for ten years she organized study tours to Turkey, focusing on the Great Goddess. Ghanima currently teaches in Santa Clara, performs at restaurants and nightclubs throughout the south San Francisco Bay Area, and is available for performances, classes, workshops, and conferences. She has also studied classical and folkloric styles of instrumental and vocal music, ballet, modern, tap, hula, folkdance, and Movement Analysis (Labanotation). Photo Credit: Amy Bonham Howenstein

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