Level 4 Certification Performance and Show

We are so excited about the upcoming Level 4 Certification Performance scheduled for Sunday, February 20, 2011.  The evening will showcase the work of the two dancers testing for Suhaila Format Level 4 certification; both Andrea Sendek and Rachel George will perform Suhaila choreography, present their personal choreographic works, and perform improvisation to a live Arabic band.  Stacey Wuest, who tested for Level 4 in December 2009, will present some of the work she is preparing for her Level 5 certification.  Gina Bruno, already Level 5 certified, will also dance in the live music portion.  It will be a wonderful night you won’t want to miss.  Click on the show ad to link for tickets.


To celebrate this great event, Suhaila has released highlights from the December 2009 Level 4 show.  You can view much of the show at her YouTube channel under the “Certified Dancer Playlist”.  We still have a few videos to add, but the bulk of the performance is posted for you to enjoy!  Click on the YouTube link to your left!

We hope to see you all on February 20!

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